Highly efficient, safe products to handle greater volumes and higher pressures


We offer CNG components for the entire CNG transfer process, which enables safe, quick, ultra fast cool fills. Our range of products encompass everything from valves for compressors, ground storage and dispensers, to vehicles and bulk gas storage trailers.

Technical Specifications

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Cylinder Valve

Cylinder Valves

Our cylinder valves are used for bulk gas trailers (cylinders or spheres), bulk gas cylinder storage stacks and gas vehicle cylinder stacks. They enable the fastest possible filling times, with minimal cylinder neck valve constriction.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Quick Couplers

Quick Couplers

Our quick couplers significantly reduce filling times and deliver a superior customer experience. The anti-leak spring loaded poppets instantly stop gas flow if disconnected. They are the highest flowing coupler on the market and are fully serviceable.

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Ultra Fast Fill SystemTM

Our products enable the fastest CNG transfer times from storage to vehicles, all while delivering a customer experience that is second to none.

Chart showing the Oasis Ultra Fast Fill System for CNG
CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Inline Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Couplings protect gas systems such as virtual pipeline transport trailers, bulk storage or dispensers from drive-away incidents. They minimise the possibility of false separations in high-flow applications with its increased separation force. 

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Our Ball Valves with full flow and anti-blowout stem design are used with compressors, dispensers, priority panels, isolation valves and storage. NPT & SAE female threaded ports available from stock. Other thread types available upon request.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Check Valves

Check Valves

Check Valves are installed in pipelines to prevent backflow. They are designed for high flow rates and set the standard in strength and reliable sealing performance. Manufactured from certified 316 stainless steel bar stock.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Fueling Nozzle

N-CNG Nozzles

Now available: The high flow N-CNG nozzle comes with an ergonomic, lightweight design and is very easy to use. Suitable for use with NGV1 receptacles, the lever locking handle ensures a secured connection, and peace of mind.

ElaflexUS CNG-Refueling Oasis FV104 FV45 FillValves Nozzle

Fill Valves and Nozzles

Our fill valves and nozzles are lightweight, high flow and easy to connect. They come with a pressure rating of either 3600psi (P36) or 3000psi (P30). They provide user comfort with their compact and slim design.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Safety Break

SB-CNG Safety Break

The SB-CNG Safety Break is used on CNG dispensers with fill and vent lines (twin hose). The internal poppets immediately stop gas flow during a drive off event, which protects both the customer and station owner from equipment damage.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Dispenser Manifold


Priority and dispenser manifolds are designed for high flow gas distribution. They are easy to service due to the use of integrated sandwich valves and are operated with pneumatic actuators.


CNG Refueling of a Car with Oasis Fueling Nozzle

Installation and Operating Manual

N-CNG nozzles are tested to CSA/ANSI NGV1-2017 and ISO14469:2017 for the use of refueling with B250/P36 receptacles.

CNG Refueling Product of Oasis Safety Break with Hose

Installation and Operating Manual

The reusable SB-CNG (IB102/IB103) is a Dispenser Safety Break for CNG refueling of passenger cars at gas stations. The Safety Break consists of SB-CNG 'FL' for the Fill Line as well as SB-CNG 'VL' for the Vent Line.


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