Our expansion joints are reliable and have been since 1956


ERV expansion joints with swiveling flanges are used as flexible connectors in pipe systems. Our ERV's have been around since 1956. They relieve system strain by reducing vibration and noise, as well as compensate for static or dynamic movements. They are internationally recognized due to their premium construction and quality.

Technical Specifications

ERV Expansion Joint with Red Band Marking


RED BAND expansion joints are used for water, drinking water, waste water, seawater, cooling water, chemical waste water (without oil), chemicals, acids and alkalis, salt solutions and alcohols. Also suitable in oily atmospheric environments, e.g. engine rooms.
Lining Butyl / EPDM.

ERV Expansion Joint with Yellow Band Marking


YELLOW BAND expansion joints are suitable for petroleum based products with up to 50% aromatics, as well as town gas, natural gas, and cooling water emulsions with corrosion preventing oil.
Lining NBR.

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Rubber Expansion Joint

ERV Expansion Joint with Two Red Band Marking


ROTEX expansion joints are used for permanent service with heating water, cooling water and hot air (without oil). Working pressure of 10 bar up to 212°F and 6 bar up to 230°F.
Lining Butyl / EPDM.

ERV Expansion Joint with Orange Band Marking


ORANGE BAND expansion joints are designed for propane and butane gases (LPG) to EN 589. Working pressure 25 bar, burst pressure >100 bar.
Lining NBR.

ERV Expansion Joint with Green Band Marking


GREEN BAND expansion joints have a high resistance against acids, alkalis, chemicals and aggressive chemical waste water. Also suitable for oil contaminated compressor air.
Lining CSM.

ERV Expansion Joint with CR Marking


CR expansion joints are suitable for cold and warm water, seawater (also oil containing), various waste water, lube oils and greases, air, compressed air.
Lining Chloroprene.

ERV Expansion Joint with BR Band Marking


BR expansion joints are made of a highly abrasion resistant special rubber compound. They are suitable for sludges, slurries, solid/liquid mixtures or emulsions, and dustlike or powdery products.
Lining BR/NR.

ERV Expansion Joint with Red Spot Marking


RED SPOT expansion joints are used for sanitary facilities, cold or warm water, swimming pool water, sea water, drinking water. Highly flexible and low own resistance.
Lining Butyl / EPDM.

ElaflexUS Rubber-Expansion-Joints Elaflex ERV-G LT YellowBand LowTemperature


YELLOW BAND LT expansion joints are designed for petroleum based products in regions with cold ambient temperatures (low temperature).
Lining NBR.

ERV Expansion Joint with two Yellow Band Marking


YELLOW STEEL expansion joints are similar to ERV-G, but fire resistant to ISO 15540 (type approved). Temperature range -4°F up to 194°F, temporarily up to 212°F.
Lining NBR.

ElaflexUS Rubber-Expansion-Joints Elaflex ERV-GS HNBR Yellow-Blue-YellowBand


YELLOW STEEL HBNR expansion joints are used for petroleum based products up to 50% aromatics and hydraulic oil. Very good aging, weathering and ozone resistance.
Lining HNBR.

ERV Expansion Joint with White Band Marking


WHITE BAND expansion joints are suitable for the foodstuff industry, as well as oils and fat containing food. Liner conforms to FDA regulations.
Lining NBR, light grey

ERV Expansion Joint Flanges and Accessories

Flanges and Tie Rods

We offer a great variety of accessories. Flanges in different geometries, materials and coatings. ERV tie rods and flame protections for special demands. 

ERV Expansion Joint with PTFE Lining

PTFE Linings and Accessories

PTFE linings are used when the chemical resistance of the chosen ERV type is insufficient. We offer them electrically isolated or conductive. Available types TA and TA OHM.

Manuals & Further Information

ERV Expansion Joint installed at Aircraft Refueller Pipe

Installation and Operating Manual

Our expansion joints are provided ready for installation. The standard flanges can be turned into any desired position. Additional sealings usually are not necessary.

ERV Expansion Joint Range

Part Number Breakdown

We offer 13 different ERV expansion joint types that can easily be orderd. Our part number breakdown guides you.

ERV Expansion Joint Cut Model


We offer different quality grades depending on the application. All important technical data for the correct use of our expansion joints are summarized here.

ERV Expansion Joint Certificate Overview

Certificates / Approvals

ERV expansion joints by Elaflex are certified to global standards. All types are permanently tested and comply with all vital systems abroad including ship engine rooms and scrubbers. 

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Rubber Expansion Joints

Why you should choose ERV –
Our Experience and Know How

Elaflex Overview of ERV Advantages


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