Refueling equipment designed to the highest quality, which exceed the requirements of international standards


Our wide refueling equipment range comprises hoses, couplings, nozzles, and hose reel solutions for the transfer of sensitive fluids and gases as well as rubber expansion joints for pipe construction. Find additional information and helpful manuals on the following product pages.

ElaflexUS Aircraft-Refueling Elaflex ZVF50 Nozzle HD-C Hose

Aircraft Refueling

Our aviation equipment must provide a high level of safety, not only on the airfield itself, but across the entire transport chain to the airport. We provide the most comprehensive range of the highest quality products and services, and wherever possible deliver aircraft refueling equipment ex stock.

ElaflexUS CNG-Refueling Oasis N-CNG P36 Nozzle yellow Car

CNG Refueling

Our well-engineered CNG components enable an easy handling and set the standard in flow rates, strength and reliable performance. We offer durable products for storage, dispenser, trailer and vehicle manufacturers and provides CNG users with the highest efficiencies and safety.

ElaflexUS DEF-Refilling Elaflex ZVAAdBlueHV Nozzle Tank

DEF Refilling

Our products for the transfer of DEF urea solution must provide high media purity over the whole transport chain – from the producer to the vehicle tank. Operators also require that the equipment works reliably, and without the danger of misfueling. Our DEF product range meets these requirements.

ElaflexUS Hose-Reels Elaflex Product-Range Port Aviation LPG

Hose Reels

Our hose reels are supplied as a complete package, equipped with our hoses, couplings or nozzles. They are commonly used for terminals, trucks, stationary or mobile refueling. All types are available with different rewind systems from manual, spring, electric, hydraulic to pneumatic.

ElaflexUS LNG-Refueling Elaflex N-LNG Nozzle LNG25 HoseAssembly CoupledToTank

LNG Refueling

We provide well-developed components for a safe and easy-to-use LNG bus and truck refueling. Our LNG products are offered as a complete, tested refueling system with short lead times. It meets the highest safety and quality standards.

ElaflexUS Propane Autogas LPG Refueling Elaflex ZVG2EUROUL Nozzle

LPG Refueling

Our Propane / LPGas nozzles have been developed to meet the needs of the international Autogas markets. Decades of experience and innovative technical developments have positioned the GasGuard and ZVG 2 nozzles at the forefront of safety, reliability and performance.

ElaflexUS Rubber-Expansion-Joints Elaflex ERV-G AircraftRefueller

Rubber Expansion Joints

Our ERV rubber xxpansion joints are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. We supply 13 different types and constantly stocks more than 30.000 premium quality bellows which is the basis for a fast and reliable delivery. 


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