High quality, reliable LNG components for safe and easy fuel transfer


More and more oil companies are offering LNG as an alternative fuel for heavy-duty vehicles at gas stations. We are up for this challenge and supply the corresponding refueling technology. We provide well-developed LNG components for fill and vent lines, to safely refuel buses and trucks.

Technical Specifications

LNG Refueling Products of ELAFLEX LNG Nozzle and Vent Coupling

N-LNG Nozzle and VC-LNG Coupling

Our N-LNG nozzle is suitable for refueling heavy vehicles (buses and trucks) with interface to EN ISO 12617. It comes with a fill line connection and integrated swivel function. The VC-LNG vent coupling is used for reduction of pressure in the LNG fuel tanks.

LNG Refueling Products of ELAFLEX Dispenser Breakaway and Hose Assembly

LNG Hose Lines and Safety Breaks

Our corrugated metal hose assemblies for fill line (LNG25) and vent line (LNG 13) are used for installation with nozzle, vent coupling or safety break on LNG dispensers. The SB-LNG Safety Break protects from drive-away incidents and closes the LNG gas flow in both directions.

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The ELAFLEX LNG Refueling System

High quality, reliable LNG components for an optimal refueling experience.

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LNG Truck Refueling with ELAFLEX LNG Nozzle

Installation and Operating Manual

The N-LNG nozzle incorporates ease of use, operating safety and low gas release volume upon uncoupling. It is designed to only allow gas to flow when it is correctly coupled. Usable with a low temperature down to -196° C.

ELAFLEX Vent System on Truck before LNG Refueling

Installation and Operating Manual

The VC-LNG is a vent coupling designed for venting of the LNG fuel tank of heavy vehicles with an LNG engine which are equipped with a separate venting interface to EN ISO 16924:2018.

LNG Dispenser Breakaways at Gas Station

Installation and Operating Manual

The SB-LNG can be operated for the fill line and for the vent line. They differ only in the connection type towards the LNG hose assemblies. It is reusable after separation. Spare breaking bolts are available.

LNG Refueling Product of ELAFLEX Hose Assemblies

LNG Hose Assemblies
Installation and Operating Manual

LNG 13 and LNG 25 hose assemblies are used for the venting or refueling of heavy vehicles. They must be installed in such a way that they are accessible at any time and not hindered in their natural position or movement.


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